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Neurosys is a project-team affiliated with INRIA, CNRS and UniversitÚ de Lorraine. We are located both at the Nancy - Grand Est research center and LORIA in Nancy (France). Our domain of research relates to system neuroscience. More precisely, the goal of our research is to bridge the scales in neural systems from microscopic dynamics to macroscopic behavior.

Le livre en deux volumes "Brain-Computers Interfaces", de Maureen Clerc, Laurent Bougrain et Fabien Lotte, est sorti en juillet 2016 aux Úditions ISTE-WILEY en franšais et en anglais. Disponibles aussi chez et

Semaine du cerveau 2016, Conference on Brain, Consciousness and Brain Waves : March 18, 2016

Press: How neurons react during general anesthesia (in French)

Radio: podcast "libre Úchange" (16/03/2016) about Neuroscience

Download the podcast (in French) from here

NETT Summer School 2015 on Neural Engineering in Medicine and related fields (LORIA/Inria Nancy Grand Est) : July 2-3, 2015

Deadline for IEEE NER 2015 BCI Challenge: February 28, 2015

BCI Challenge CFP:
IEEE EMBS Neural engineering Conference (NER):

Semaine du cerveau 2015, Conference on Brain, Consciousness and Anesthesia : March 24, 2015

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